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What's on offer at Bright Sparks...

A philosophy that combines the best of Reggio Emilia principles and Christian values, quality education and care in attractive well-resourced environments are just a small part of what we offer here at Bright Sparks Childcare centres.

Look behind the scenes and you'll find there's a lot more. We provide a healthy, nutritional menu, nappies, weekly active movement sessions, centre and room outings, a fun and stimulating educational programme.We cater for each individual child.

Rest assured all children at Bright Sparks Childcare centres receive the best in quality care and education from qualified, passionate and committed teachers.

Airport Oaks, Henderson and Orewa childcare centres

We have 3 great childcare centres to choose from - Bright Sparks Childcare Airport Oaks in Mangere, Bright Sparks Childcare Henderson in West Auckland, and Bright Sparks Childcare Orewa. The locations differ but our philosophy and high standards remain constant.

Open hours

Our childcare centres are open 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday. We close only for statutory holidays. Enquiries are most welcome - click here to contact us.

People who care

The Bright Sparks teams are passionate about children and their learning. All our childcare staff are carefully selected for their outstanding skills, warm personalities and, of course, their strong affinity with children. You'll find we're a friendly team, which no doubt contributes to the centre's welcoming, homely feeling.

Quality care & education

We follow the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum - Te Whariki. The Reggio Emilia principals incorporated into our programming; further support and develop children's thinking and learning. You can find out more about this educational approach at

Each child has an individual development portfolio which documents their learning and development throughout their time at the centre. We focus on identifying your child's interests, and we encourage them to shine in their own unique way.

Free nappies & formula

To keep things simple for busy parents, we provide free nappies for our children under 2 years and S26 Step 2 formula for babies 6-12 months. That's two things you don't have to think about - we take care of it all and it doesn't cost you a cent extra.

Cooked nutritious meals

Good nutrition is essential for optimal brain development in the early years. We provide beautifully cooked, well-balanced meals for your child. These meals were developed in close consultation with the Heart Foundation, gaining us a Healthy Heart Award.

Annual trips for the whole centre

Our annual trip involving the whole centre is something we all look forward to. The whole centre trips are in addition to the trips the different rooms organise for their group of children.

Active movement sessions

Both childcare centres offer weekly active movement sessions for their children. These sessions are facilitated by Counties Manukau Sport for our Airport Oaks centre.  Our Henderson centre's active movement sessions are run by their teachers. Each weekly session provides our children experiences using specially selected equipment targeting the development of strength, balance, loco motor and co-ordination skills. Creative movement, music and group games are also incorporated to make each session a fun and exciting experience.

Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons take place during the first and last terms of the year. These are provided free of charge for all four year olds attending the Airport Oaks childcare centre. Your child will receive a lesson once a week for one term, at the Moana-Nui-a-Kiwa Leisure Centre. We travel there by taxi.

We start with a swimming lesson and finish with enough time to play and have a swim. A variety of fun activities are included, as well as teaching basic skills to help the children on their way to becoming confident swimmers. It's a great way to gain confidence in the water and learn about water safety.

Henderson also offer Swimming Lessons held at the Waterhole Swimming Centre, Parrs Park, West Coast Road. Waterhole Swimming Centre is owned by one of our parents who offers a really good rate. We travel by bus to the Centre over the term dates once a week. Terms and conditions apply.

Library visits

These visits offer children opportunities to get accustomed to varied reading styles, to enrich their vocabulary, to practice active listening and encourage them to communicate their thoughts and ideas as effectively and creatively as possible. It is also a great opportunity for children to build cooperative relations with others and become aware of individual differences in ability, interests, cultural backgrounds, and linguistic styles. This experience is also set to develop children's interests in the community and world outside.


WINZ subsidies

Bright Sparks supports families receiving WINZ subsidies, and in some cases CYFS payments. Go to our Policies page to find out more or click on to find out if you are eligible to receive a benefit.

20 hours ECE

All three and four year old children attending our centre are entitled to receive 20 hours ECE. This is provided by the Government and can commence as soon as your child turns three. If you choose to use the 20 hours you will not be entitled to the 50% deduction off the normal rate of fees if you take holidays. For more about this, and to calculate the amount you would save, please check our fee schedule - Airport Oaks fees; Henderson fees. You'll also find more information on the Government's 20 hours ECE scheme at www.minedu.govt.

Plunket visits

Through the Ministry of Health, every child in New Zealand is entitled to eight free "Well Child" checks. This is where your child's health, development and wellbeing is assessed. Plunket also provide ongoing parent education and support. Once a term, a Plunket nurse visits Bright Sparks and parents can choose to have their "Well Child" checks at the centre. This is particularly helpful for busy, working parents. For further information on Plunket and their services visit

B4 school Checks

Bright Sparks Childcare is part of the B4 School Check - a nationwide programme that provides free health and development checks for four year olds. The purpose of this programme is to identify and address any health, behavioural, social, or developmental concerns which could affect a child's ability to get the most benefit from school, such as a hearing problem or communication difficulty. For more information visit

Open-door policy

We have an open-door policy that allows parents and whanau to drop in at any time to play with their child. If you would like to find out more about how Bright Sparks meets the needs of your family, please feel free to contact us. We always have time for a chat and you are most welcome to visit us at a pre-arranged time, for a complete tour of the centre.

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