Infants & Toddlers Centre (Henderson)

Tiaho room for infants

Tiaho is Maori for "emit rays of light"

A place to provide infants and toddlers with many enjoyable moments of fun, learning, companionship, in a secure yet engaging environment where the focus is on stimulating the five senses: sight, smell, taste, sound and touch, all in accordance with the stages of each child'™s natural development.

The focus on primary care giving allows for our infants and toddlers to develop a sense of trust that ensures the development of a positive self-esteem. The expert teaching team always focuses on creating supportive settings where respectful caring and multiple learning engagements occur.

Tiaho Room Parent's Manual (PDF)(Click to view online, or right click to download.)


Clareo Room for toddlers

Clareo is Latin, meaning "to be bright, to shine"

A space which strengthens children'™s sense of independence allowing them to explore, create, imagine; constantly encouraging them to discover and develop their language, their cognitive and motor skills, their self-help and social skills.

This environment allows children to work with a variety of materials in a variety of settings where they can explore in the company of their friends or on their own. With a clear focus on the positive impact ample play opportunities has on children'™s learning, the daily programme revolves around open-ended, flexible experiences.

Clareo Room Parent's Manual (PDF 394 KB)
(Click to view online, or right click to download.)


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