Infants & Toddlers Centre (Orewa)

Tiaho room for infants & toddlers

Tiaho is the Maori word for "emit rays of light"

All children at Bright Sparks Orewa are viewed as unique individuals; powerful, competent, capable, and integral members of the community. Our Tiaho room is a place where our youngest citizens experience sensitive and responsive caregiving. We provide low stress environment assured by our low teacher: child ratios, and a calm, naturally flowing daily routine that builds a sense of safety and security.

We believe that children have within them an innate understanding of how to relate to the world. Our job is to nurture that ability so that each child can grow and learn. Our environments are designed to support the imagination and creativity of each child. High quality resources provided to our children reflect the respect for and our view of young children as capable and competent learners and communicators. It is where our highly competent and dedicated teachers become co-creators of childhood memories.

Clareo Room for our 2 year old people

Clareo is Latin, meaning "to be bright, to shine"

Clareo room provides children with a safe, loving, engaging, interesting, respectful and nurturing environment in which to grow and develop. Our learning environment reflects our belief that children are inherently curious, seek relationships with others, and construct their knowledge and understanding of the world through their active engagement and experiences with their environment and the people, materials, and experiences within it.

We use children's interests as a springboard for learning adventures. We allow time for investigation; that is time for inquiry, exploration, and discovery. Our focus, alongside others, is on developing children's proficiency in using many different mediums as tools for communication and in their search for meanings. The theory of Hundred Languages of Children inspires us in viewing children as accomplished in using a wide variety of ways to express their thoughts, their theories and ideas, their creativity, and of course their understanding and knowledge.

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