Preschool Centre (Airport Oaks)

Tui Tots room

Monumental milestones for our Tui Tots!

This is the next developmental step, and although there are many challenges along the way, it is definitely a most rewarding room to be in. This is where the children learn...

  • To go from nappies to undies - a HUGE step!
  • About language and how to string words into simple or complex sentences.
  • About choices and their rights.
  • How to share with others or negotiate and turn-take.
  • Skills in maths, literacy, science and the arts.

Click here to read Tui Tots induction book

Junior Owl room

Our junior owls get wiser by the day!

In this classroom language, problem-solving and self-help skills are the "norm". The children are active learners and teachers in their play.

The environment is set up in the Reggio Emilia style whereby the environment is the third teacher. The children are able to interact with their environment, but there is also guidance from the teachers to encourage interest in the world around them.

This classroom prepares the children for the next stage in the pre-school room.

Click here to read Junior Owls induction book

Senior Owl room

Senior owls get ready to leave the nest!

This is the final stop for our children before they embark on their journey to primary school. Here, the children are independent and mastering all the skills that have been initiated in the younger classrooms.

The children in the Senior Owls room are involved in short-term and long-term projects, based on their interests. They're encouraged to display their work on the walls for their families to view.

A specialist programme focused on preparing the Senior Owls for school means that each Monday the children are asked to bring in a packed lunchbox - just like they will at school. And they begin to explore reading, writing, maths and science activities in more depth.

Click here to read Senior Owls induction book

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