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Astron Room

The Astron room environment offers a variety of areas for exploration and learning. Each space and set up is purposefully laid in order to cater for the specific leaning needs of the children. They are intended to provoke and to fulfil the interests of both individual children, and children in groups.

Project times are in place to consciously follow through children's interest and group learning desires. The layout of the room endows children with trust and respect in themselves, that they are competent and empowered to learn at their own space.

Our vision is that, by the time the children are ready to move on the Stellar room (4-5 years), they have the understanding on relationships and a sound awareness of social justice. We aim to provide them life skills and social tools necessary for children to confidently embark on the journey of discovery and learning.

Our goals are:

- For the children to enjoy their time at Bright Sparks!

- For children to develop a sense of respect for themselves, others and their environment.

- To increase each child's level of independence and conscientiousness.

- To encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning.

- To help children to become more self-reliant.

Some examples of our Stellar room preschoolers' work...

Stellar room

Stellar is the Latin word for "stars"

The fruits of our preschoolers' labour

The Stellar Room environment promotes the active involvement of the children in their learning, encouraging independence, problem-solving, practical thinking and artisticality.

The learning landscape invites children to spend time in intimate learning spaces engaging with a diverse range of open-ended materials. The learning spaces are designed for individual and small group experiences, supporting the development of a wide range of relationships and communication styles. The setting allows for experiences to be constantly revisited and rediscussed.The children's interests are carefully analysed, interpreted and further provoked by the Stellar teaching team, allowing projects to be identified and developed.

Supporting children's transition to school, the Stellar teachers skillfully capitalise on emergent learning opportunities, continually supporting the development of children's learning dispositions, allowing them to succeed academically, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

Preschool Parents' Manual (PDF)

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Some examples of our Stellar room preschoolers' work..

An example of the work our Stellar Room pre-schoolers do.

An example of our Stellar Room pre-schoolers work.

More work by our Stellar Room pre-schoolers.

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